MedBen Vice Presidents Caroline Fraker and Brian Fargus were among the featured speakers at the Sherrill-Morgan 7th Annual Healthcare Innovation Conference on Thursday, October 1.
In her presentation, Senior Vice President Fraker discussed the potential problems of specialty drugs that employers need to watch out for. While these high-priced medications can serve as a less costly alternative to extended medical treatment, sometimes they’re just two or more inexpensive drugs combined into one “convenient” but pricey pill.
Fargus, MedBen’s VP of Sales & Marketing, delivered an update on the use of pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect the body’s response to medications, and testing can help a physician determine what medication may be the most effective treatment for a patient.
The Healthcare Innovation Conference was held in the Lytle Park Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, and broadcast live for virtual attendees.