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Self-Funded Companies

MedBen Rx Advocate makes your employee prescription program 100% transparent. No margin manipulation with phony price hikes. Just cost plus a modest dispensing fee. Total transparency.



The MedBen Rx Alliance helps qualified hospitals purchase drugs at prices lower than even the largest retail chain. Their affiliated pharmacy can sell medications to certain qualified organizations.


Qualified Organizations

The MedBen Rx Alliance program helps qualified organizations – such as schools, churches, service organizations and more – partner with hospitals and pharmacies to receive prescriptions offered at low prices.


The results we saw from implementing MedBen’s Rx Advocate program were dramatic. Our pharmacy costs dropped significantly, and our employees experienced no disruption.

Gina Lewis

Director of Human Resources, Licking County Government

Fast Facts


MedBen Rx clients spend on average 14.8% less than other PBMs


MedBen Rx clients spend 12.0% less on average cost per script than other PBMs


Generic Dispensing Rate for MedBen clients