Frequently Asked Questions

MedBen Rx Advocate

With MedBen Rx Advocate, can plan members continue to use their current pharmacy?
Plan members can use their preferred pharmacy in accordance with your current pharmacy plan design.
Will my formulary change with MedBen Rx Advocate?

Yes, but it will be similar to your current formulary… and MedBen can be flexible about formulary specifics.

Will I still receive rebates with MedBen Rx Advocate?
Yes. MedBen passes 100% of paid rebates back to you… and with MedBen Rx Advocate, your rebates could even be better.
How does MedBen Rx Advocate affect member copays?

If your pharmacy plan offers a percentage copay, plan members will pay less on medication purchases!

MedBen Rx Alliance

How do I know if my organization qualifies for the MedBen Rx Alliance?
Organizations that qualify for MedBen Rx Alliance include: nonprofit hospitals; schools, colleges, and universities; libraries; churches; and charitable institutions.

If you have a question as to whether your organization is qualified, please call MedBen at (866) 623-2365.

Are cities or counties considered Qualified Organizations?
No. However, our other program, MedBen Rx Advocate, may still be able to help your organization lower prescription costs. To find out more, click here or call MedBen at (866) 623-2365.
What pharmacies are participating in MedBen Rx Alliance?
All Kroger pharmacies participates in MedBen Rx Alliance, as well the following Kroger affiliates: City Market; Dillons Food Stores; Fred Meyer; Fry’s Food and Drug; King Soopers; Quality Food Centers; Ralph’s Pharmacy; Roundy’s Supermarkets; and Smith’s Food and Drug.
Are there any circumstances in which I can use a non-participating pharmacy and still receive benefits?
In certain instances where a medication is needed and cannot be acquired from a Kroger pharmacy or affiliate, such as after normal pharmacy hours or during a vacation, plan members can use a non-participating pharmacy and still receive benefits.
Will I still receive rebates with MedBen Rx Alliance?
Yes, though the rebate amount will be smaller than in a traditional pharmacy program. But with MedBen Rx Alliance, the overall savings will still be greater.
Under MedBen Rx Alliance, can my pharmacy program retain such elements as prior authorization, step therapy, and medication therapy management?
Yes! Imagine all the features of your current plan that help to control your pharmacy costs, plus added savings when using a participating pharmacy – that’s MedBen Rx Alliance. Our program simply addresses how your plan members purchase drugs, and how much they’ll cost.
Have a question that’s not addressed here?
Contact MedBen at (888) 623-2365.